Manufacturing Logistics Using Software

How we are bootstrapping a candle shop.

We offer the software we use to handle manufacturing sales, payments, inventory management and shipping logistics all in one place. With our startup packages, we have begun manufacturing hand-poured candles in our Colrain location. We are able to setup the platform and handle everything from vendor purchases to shipping logistics and even financial reporting all in one platform. We invite you to shop here!

If you have been considering starting or growing your own business, now is the time to take advantage of the current economy and launch or improve your operations!

Recently, we have been upgrading the ERP we offer to customers, and this includes a shipping module that gives an accurate estimate of shipping costs based upon the product dimensions, shipping packages, and distance between customer and producer. We are using a shipping solution API provider called Easypost for this process, and from what we have seen they provide great access to major shipping vendors, like USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.

This option for customers has great potential, and if you are a business wanting to offer your customers quotes for different shipment carriers, we can say with confidence we will make that happen for you, and are able to provide shipping labels within our platform if that is your goal.

Integrating this shipping solution for businesses like is proving to be a successful simple process, as it is a small business where we take an order, produce the goods, and ship. What is interesting, as we integrate such a procedure for this specific use case, we are learning the capabilities of our base ERP extend beyond our needs, and surely are adaptable to the needs of most manufacturers of today.

For our current candle business, we simply sell and ship our products. Once we have an order, we know what to make, and do not currently model any of our operations inside of our system. This isn't to say we couldn't, as the system we offer and extend features various workflows for managing manufacturing operations. There are places to input your warehouse information, stock locations, operations like work centers or packaging, and shipping centers.

See the screenshot below for how one might model your operations.

Having all these capabilities at your fingertips, in a database that is yours and doesn’t restrict you, is capable of extension to meet your specific needs, will certainly help your business grow, and perform more efficiently. Being able to operate your business in a manner that gives you time back for the things your love is most important, that is why we focus on delivering solutions that provide the most efficient operations possible. We aim to assist in getting you the results you are dreaming of. 

Please reach out if you have any questions or comments. We are excited to assist you in growing your business.

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