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2. Financial Accounting Thanks to P&S data organized in a central database, operating efficiency is optimized. Individual identity data is managed using a VPN and a proprietary ESB as part of our offering. Invoicing Billing and delivery tools are available, sending invoices requires a suitable email provider. The ERP suite offers valuable behavior analysis, drawing insight into user actions to help understanding conversion and payment rates and customer satisfaction. Website Introduction Maintaining an attractive website allows customers to learn information about your business, inquire for additional information, and an opportunity to convert into a long- term paying customer or even a partner. Simple tools like the one used below for an email newsletter, allow content editing anywhere on the website. Sales & Tools The website is extensible, and installations can be customized to add features like event registrations, (above, left) or an e- commerce store to sell your products (above, right). Marketing Email marketing campaigns, and newsletter creator included! The CRM is available by request, your clients will love the beautiful looking quotations and invoices.

1. `` Platform Information Brochure Phone: (617) 571-7257 Email: Online: Mt Correspondence Mt Bookkeeper Email Server Communicating with customers, employees, and vendors is a daily part of every business. Having a marketable, robust email provider is essential to streamline operations. Whether SBO or another vendor supplies email, having a platform with integrated email achieves the goal of seamless correspondences. Sales & Bookkeeping Maintaining accurate and current records for revenue and expenses is a huge goal all SMBs wish to accomplish. Bonus points when workflows are natural and intuitive for employees. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite is offered as part of the platform, it offers robust accounting capabilities and augmentation to tools you already use. Website A website builder is included to manage and update content. Website data and traffic are measurable with tools like Google Analytics. There are many plugins available such as Events, Scheduling, and blog posting. CRM The client relationship manager aids in marketing outreach and customer conversion. Marketing Create email or text message based marketing campaigns. Reporting Understand and improve your results by measuring what worked well. Employee Management Payroll, time sheets, project management, all available. The suite offers an overwhelming number of modules. Data is standardized across the suite, offering import/export capability and workflows to operate with existing system or external providers for payroll, etc. Other Resources Inventory management, appointment scheduling, fleet management, manufacturing tools. Connected Single-sign-on offered with API access via OAuth2 & LDAP. Apps & Tools The suite of apps and tools is akin to the lower parts of a mountain. A business may have many departments and operations spread out across the place. To get into the cloud and reach the peak, it pays to have a streamline path to the top (or a chairlift!) Common tools for doing business are outlined below. E-commerce The suite offers basic product online sales. Software People Enjoy


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