Digital Artwork Signatures

Signing your NFTs with

Twitter is now letting you set your digital NFT masterpieces for your profile pics, causing more cryptocurrency craze, engagement, confusion, and insecurities. It's an ideal time to join the party and mint a first NFT, so that is precisely what I did last night. I call it BeezBlocks, it is minted here.

As social media giants are racing to add profile NFTs to their platforms, criticism is rising on how the existing NFT ecosystem protects and secures an artist's work. Copyright crimes and copycat thefts are more abundant than cat memes and doge themes. Here is my opinion on the matter, it is unnecessarily complicated and an unreliable approach to offering artists a means of selling their artwork and protecting their profit and time.

So what's an alternative? Digital signage is what's missing, so add your mark to the original using After adding your signature to your next masterpiece, mint or release it to any blockchain of your choosing, and maintain that you are the sole owner of the work, while clearing any doubts about where the original mint lives.

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