Forever Promo
Get this limited edition, custom listing on our partner's page, complete with your logo and backlinks promoting your brand. $5 gets you a lifetime ad and exclusive access to the platform.
5.00 5.0 USD
Cloud Business Solution
Get an easy to edit website with tool suite and hosting for 1 year, complete with the tools to run any small business. Upon purchasing, we will connect with you regarding your domain if you have one already, otherwise we will assist in setting one up and securing it.
398.00 398.0 USD
Mens T-Shirt
30.00 30.0 USD
Womens Sports Wear
Color: Green
Size: XS, S, M
Qty on hand: 1 of each
30.00 30.0 USD
Womens Sports Wear
Color: Pink
Size: XS, M
Qty on hand: 1 of each
30.00 30.0 USD
Mens Vest
Color: White and blue
Size: Small
Qty on hand: 2
30.00 30.0 USD
Restaurant & Bar
Manage restaurants and bars with ease, this platform will accommodate preferred vendor entertainment bookings as well as table bookings, a point of sale system that is easy to integrate, and more. Price shown is per year.
598.00 598.0 USD
Academic Platform
Professional tools for schools and academies to better manage data. Pricing shown is per month.
85.00 85.0 USD
Cloud Storage
Access private cloud storage for 100GB of storage (Billed monthly).
39.98 39.980000000000004 USD
Small Office Backup Solution
Backup up to five desktop or laptops within your office daily. Remote support and a service contract included for this low entry cost offer (Billed monthly).
450.00 450.0 USD
Corporate Email
Promote your brand today starting with your email. Easily add up to 50 email accounts for your small business (Billed annually).
478.00 478.0 USD
Managed Workstation (Professional)
Active Directory member client machine, desktop or laptop.
- Backup & Recovery
- Disaster prevention
- Active Directory
- Network storage
- Support ticketing
150.00 150.0 USD
Managed Server (Professional)
Central office server management.
- Domain Controller for Active Directory
- Security Account Manager (SAM) database
- Local Security Authority (LSA) service
- NT-style printing service (SPOOLSS)
- NTLM - Windows NT LAN Manager
- Active Directory Logon using modified versions of Kerberos and LDAP.
- DFS server
300.00 300.0 USD
Managed Printer (Professional)
Managed printer service.
- Maintenance
- Repair
- Monitoring
- Toner Replacements
35.00 35.0 USD